a toss-up

a toss-up

A situation in which the outcome cannot be predicted or a decision between two things is very close. I don't know which team will win. Both have done so well this season that it's a real toss-up. Should I take the entry level position, or go back to school? It's really a toss-up in my mind.

toss something up

to throw something upward to a higher place or up into the air. He tossed the coin up, calling "heads" and hoping for the best. He tossed up the coin.
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toss up

1. To throw something into the air: The graduates tossed up their hats in celebration. The referee tossed the ball up for the tip-off.
2. Sports To execute some type of throw or a throw with some outcome: The quarterback tossed up a Hail Mary pass. The basketball player tossed a three-pointer up.
3. To flip a coin to decide an issue: Let's toss up to see who goes first.
See also: toss, up


n. a matter of chance. (As predictable as the outcome of the toss of a coin.) Nobody knew what to do. It was a toss-up.
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The latter is challenging sitting Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) in a toss-up race that could define whether Republicans take the Senate majority.
"It's among the most enigmatic objects in the solar system," says Voyager imaging team leader Bradford Smith of the University of Arizona in Flagstaff, who rates it "a toss-up," even in comparison with Io, the Jovian satellite whose active volcanism has been one of the major discoveries in the history of planetary exploration by spacecraft.