a toss-up

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a toss-up

A situation in which the outcome cannot be predicted or a decision between two things is very close. I don't know which team will win. Both have done so well this season that it's a real toss-up. Should I take the entry level position, or go back to school? It's really a toss-up in my mind.

toss something up

to throw something upward to a higher place or up into the air. He tossed the coin up, calling "heads" and hoping for the best. He tossed up the coin.
See also: toss, up

toss up

1. To throw something into the air: The graduates tossed up their hats in celebration. The referee tossed the ball up for the tip-off.
2. Sports To execute some type of throw or a throw with some outcome: The quarterback tossed up a Hail Mary pass. The basketball player tossed a three-pointer up.
3. To flip a coin to decide an issue: Let's toss up to see who goes first.
See also: toss, up


n. a matter of chance. (As predictable as the outcome of the toss of a coin.) Nobody knew what to do. It was a toss-up.