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In spite of the enlargement of the entrance we had made, it was still a tight squeeze for us to get in.
It's a tight squeeze - all because one of these wallabies is an imposter.
And it was a tight squeeze for the skipper - the huge vessel is 377 yards long and 44 yards wide.
Previous Batmen Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney had no problems fitting into theirs, but for muscle-bound Christian, from Haverfordwest, the prequel Batman Begins is proving a tight squeeze.
There will certainly be some buildings where that will put a tight squeeze on things."
The outlook for the office market in 2001 will be a tight squeeze, but will still bode well for investors, says a new research report released by international property consultants, King Sturge.
"It was a tight squeeze to get the strip in place," CMM operator Steve Carbary recalls.
Shafts measure about two feet wide, offering adults a tight squeeze, she notes.