thorn in side

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thorn in (one's) side

A person or thing that is frequently problematic and/or annoying. My new neighbors blast music at all hours of the day and night—they're a real thorn in my side My car has become such a thorn in my side—today is the third day this week that it wouldn't start!
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thorn in (someone's) side

A constant or persistent cause of annoyance, frustration, or trouble. My professor was an environmental activist when he was younger, and, apparently, he was quite a thorn in the oil companies' sides at the time. My little brother is such a thorn in my side—he always wants to do stuff with me, especially when I'm trying to hang out with my friends.
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*thorn in someone's side

 and *thorn in someone's flesh
Fig. a constant bother or annoyance to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) This problem is a thorn in my side. I wish I had a solution for it. John was a thorn in my flesh for years before I finally got rid of him.
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