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1. noun, informal An act or instance of careful or considered thought. Why don't we all get together for a fresh think about the issue tomorrow? Hmm, let me have a think about that.
2. adjective, informal Having, involving, or characterized by in-depth thinking. Our company was contracted to produce a think report on the effect of the issue on local infrastructure. The professor went on to form a think tank whose primary goal was to look into ways to solve the housing crisis. She actually wrote a think piece on this topic a couple of years ago for the New York Times.

think aloud

To verbalize one's thoughts. A: "And I guess I should also pick up some plywood while we're out…" B: "Pardon me?" A: "Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud!"
See also: aloud, think

think out loud

To verbalize one's thoughts, especially when trying to produce a solution or conclusion about something. Those weren't really suggestions for a solution, I was just thinking out loud. OK, so we've got 20 over there, 10 from the last one, five pending—sorry, I was thinking out loud.
See also: loud, out, think
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aloud/out loud
To speak one's thoughts audibly.
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