a sweet tooth

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sweet tooth

A propensity and preference for eating sugary foods. If you're looking for a snack, go talk to Jenny—she has a real sweet tooth, so she probably keeps candy bars in her desk. Because I don't have much of a sweet tooth, I get more excited about entrees than desserts.
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a sweet tooth

COMMON If you have a sweet tooth, you like eating things that taste of sugar. She has a sweet tooth for chocolate cake and cookies. For those without a sweet tooth, savoury snacks are also available.
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sweet tooth, (to have) a

A love for sugary foods. This seemingly modern expression goes back to the sixteenth century, although it did not always refer exclusively to carbohydrate goodies. “Thou hast . . . a sweet tooth in thy head, a liquorish appetite to delicate meats and intoxicating wines,” wrote Thomas Adams in a sermon of 1629.
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``Bad dietary habits continue from childhood into adulthood so we all need to wake up to the danger of indulging a sweet tooth which is contributing to the rise in obesity as well as being a key culprit in tooth decay.
Scots are least likely to have a sweet tooth. Thirty per cent claim never to buy sugar confectionery, compared to 13 per cent of people in the south of England.
One day bakers may make their own low-calorie double fudge brownies and diabetic may be able to satisfy a sweet tooth without deviating from their strict diets.
A story about a dentist with a sweet tooth, giant royal cockroaches, and a band of hungry competitive eaters.
Predominantly made of milk products, the sweets with vegetables nutrients offer healthy option for those with a sweet tooth. By Ajitha Menon(ANI)
also known as Enten-mini's Now you can satisfy a sweet tooth, clog an artery, pad a belly, and feel sophisticated all at the same time.