a sugar daddy

sugar daddy

A man who gives his much younger romantic or sexual partner a lot of money and gifts. Often implies that the financial aspect is in lieu of genuine romantic interest from one or both people in the relationship. I know I shouldn't judge just from appearances, but it certainly seems like Tammy's new boyfriend is a bit of a sugar daddy. Todd is not my sugar daddy! Sure, he treats me to dinner and takes me on vacations now and then, but I pay my own way in life!
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a ˈsugar daddy

(informal) an older man who has a much younger woman as a girlfriend and gives her presents, money, etc: When you tell him that he’s a sugar daddy, he gets very angry. He says she isn’t interested in his money, only in him.
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A STUDENT has told how she bagged a sugar daddy on a new dating website to help pay her way through university.
STUDENTS are being forced to sign up to a sugar daddy dating site because of funding cuts, it has been claimed.
It reads: "Romance, passion and no student loan, go out with a sugar daddy or sugar mama."
She said: "If you are a real sugar baby you shouldn't just be looking for money because there is so much more a sugar daddy can offer you.
When I confronted her, she confessed having a sugar daddy and has been in a 'relationship' with him before she met me.
I understand that it's more than some people earn in a year, but it was given to me sporadically by a sugar daddy."
Well I live in a trailer park in tornado alley with my momma 'n them, and I'm lookin' for a Sugar Daddy to take care of all of us.
"There are many men and women who want to find a Sugar Daddy, Mommy or Sugar Baby.
She signs up to a dating agency, takes a trip to a swish nightclub and is wooed by a sugar daddy old enough to be her father.
Perhaps Shefali wants a sugar daddy to keep her in the luxury lifestyle she desires.
He also denied that he offered to be his "sugar daddy", saying the words had been "turned around" as he had told Mr Smith he needed a sugar daddy to help him with plans to go into business.
Sean Bones of the influential Shareholders United group who saw off Rupert Murdoch's interest five years ago, said: "In the past David Gill has said that Manchester United do not need a sugar daddy.
So she decides to find a sugar daddy. She eventually meets a man who has it all, but will she get him?