a stroke of luck

stroke of luck

An unexpected fortunate occurrence. Meeting my favorite celebrity at the airport was certainly a stroke of luck that wouldn't have happened if I'd arrived five minutes later. I worked very hard on the script, but getting to pitch it to the producer in the elevator was just a stroke of luck.
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a stroke of luck

Fig. a bit of luck; a lucky happening. I had a stroke of luck and found Tom at home when I called. He's not usually there. Unless I have a stroke of luck, I'm not going to finish this report by tomorrow.
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stroke of luck (or good luck)

a fortunate occurrence that could not have been predicted or expected.
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Elsewhere, Della is unimpressed with the state of the rental market, but when Grampy discovers a health-hazard, it is a stroke of luck that may be the answer to her prayers.
Given the number of students wanting to participate in the NSPC, I wondered if my being in Taguig City, where this year's conference was held, was a stroke of luck or the answer to a prayer.
"We had a little bit in the first half with the goal, but you need a stroke of luck and a bit of fortune like that because jobs are decided on decisions like that and unfortunately, we are the guys who suffer because of that, not the officials."
A stroke of luck in 57 minutes saw Vale level, Graeme Rodger's cross flicking off the boot of Chisholm before looping home.
Ferguson admits his side had a stroke of luck with the goal that won it.
Twenty-something Milan, still living with her parents, is president of his fan club and in a stroke of luck, manages to get a job as his publicist.
Robson said: 'It was a stroke of luck but you have to give us credit for working so hard after having a man sent off so early.
But they needed a stroke of luck to book their place in the last four, an own goal securing the win.
While certain famous folks, misperceived as gay, have taken out full-page ads proclaiming their heterosexuality, it's refreshing to meet someone who views being mistaken for gay as a stroke of luck Since my first book came out, so many young men and women have told me they read that book at exactly the right moment," explains Chabon from Berkeley, Calif., where he lives with his wife and two children.
All of whom, after a stroke of luck propelled them towards fame, allowed their Home Counties voices to be mangled into a wide-boy Cockney twang, making the nation want to rip out their tongues and boot them the length of the Old Kent Road.