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She could be an asset to Mano (elder brother) Digong because she would act as a stool pigeon.
He's also a drugs baron and when she interrupts him in the process of rubbing out a stool pigeon, she has to run for her life.
Police believe the pigeon was meant to represent a stool pigeon - a term for a grass or snitch.
She told us she couldn't possibly say because she didn't want to be labelled a stool pigeon.
What separates a western scrub jay from a stool pigeon? The former knows how to keep its secrets&emdash;especially if it's a jay with a criminal history.
Another television teenager, Meadow Soprano, was lucky: Her dad dropped her off at Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby because he had to track down and murder a stool pigeon. Even if your parents are not similarly occupied, separate anyway during campus visits, and compare notes later.
A contrasting love stow develops between Boss Whalen's new secretary, Eva (Sherri Parker Lee), and his in-house spy, Canary Jim (Finbar Lynch), who's despised as a stool pigeon by his fellow inmates but who uses his compromised position to break the prison scandal to the world.