a stone's throw away

a stone's throw away

A very short distance away (from someone or something). Brett wanted a shorter commute, so he moved to a house that is just a stone's throw away from his job. This vacation home is amazing. The ocean is a stone's throw away!
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(just) a stone's throw away

(from something) Go to within a stone's throw (of something).
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stone's throw away

Fig. a short distance; a relatively short distance. John saw Mary across the street, just a stone's throw away. Philadelphia is just a stone's throw away from Camden, New Jersey.
See also: away, throw
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The QCPD headquarters, also found in Barangay Botocan, is located on nearby Makadios Street, just a stone's throw away from the barangay hall.
This property is also a commuter's paradise, located adjacent to the International Sports Village a stone's throw away from the A4232.
At LAN, airplanes pull right up to a large door just a stone's throw away from the customs facility.
ITEM: Hundreds of protesters in Buenos Aires, reported Reuters on August 31, "sparred with police and burned tires just a stone's throw away from where [International Monetary Fund] chief Rodrigo Rata was meeting ...
Aquino pointed out that the store is also a stone's throw away from Zabar's and the Fairway Supermarket.