a/one step ahead

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one step ahead

A little bit more prepared, skilled, or successful than someone or something else; able to outmaneuver or outpace someone or something.. I've been working extra hard so that I'm one step ahead of the new girl threatening to take my job. That crook hasn't been arrested yet because he's always one step ahead of the cops.
See also: ahead, one, step

a/one step aˈhead (of somebody/something)

when you are one step ahead of somebody/something, you manage to avoid them or to achieve something more quickly than they do: One of the reasons why they’re so successful as a business is because they always seem to be one step ahead of the competition.
See also: ahead, one, step
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Follow the bouncing ball: Whatever the JetHawks have thrown at San Jose the first two games of their series, the Giants were always a step ahead.
Jimy Williams (third-base coach) and I have both managed (in the majors) and we are always amazed at how Bobby is a step ahead of the other guy,'' Corrales said.