a spare tyre

spare tire

1. A layer of excess fat around one's midsection. I think I need to lay off the junk food, because this spare tire of mine is getting a bit out of hand.
2. An unhelpful, unnecessary, unproductive, or unwanted person in a group. There are a few spare tires on this project who are really holding back our progress. Ever since John's girlfriend started hanging out with us, it's left me feeling like a spare tire.
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a spare tyre

If someone has a spare tyre, they have a large circle of fat around their waist. Note: `Tyre' is spelled `tire' in American English. He had long, wavy hair, a big diamond ring and a spare tyre around his middle.
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a ˌspare ˈtyre

(British English) (American English a ˌspare ˈtire) a roll of flesh around the waist: He went on a diet to try and lose his spare tyre.
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Before hitting the road, study up on these flat-tyre-fixing hacks and build up the confidence to complete this road test: Be spared: Knowing how to change a flat is all for naught if a spare tyre is not along for the ride.
We had a spare tyre but no jack, anyway a lady pointed us to Richard's house and said he might be able to help.
A man called 999 and asked if West Yorkshire Police could arrange for a spare tyre for his car.
Q I HAVE just purchased a new car and discovered it does not have a spare tyre.
He said one of his customer's car had recently been damaged when a spare tyre exploded in the boot.
But that eerie feeling of not having a spare tyre in the boot combined with the bad roads in India instills such insecurity in a driver's mind, it is not amusing.
Dubai Police have arrested three men after finding a stash of illegal painkillers hidden in a spare tyre.
Yet 97% of people are unaware of a link despite 71% of those surveyed saying they had a spare tyre or muffin top.
Yet 97% of people are unaware of a link, despite 71% of those surveyed saying they had a spare tyre or muffin top.
I don't have a spare tyre but, when I went to for a check-up last week, my doctor said I could have dangerous fat around my internal organs.
Ed Savage, Philips UK sales manager for automotive lighting said: "Interestingly, we expect to carry a spare tyre and a tool kit for those little roadside incidents, but rarely do we travel with a spare bulb kit, overlooking the fact that bulbs can fail at the worst possible time, leaving you in difficult and dangerous situations.
The 1 Series is the first volume car to be fitted with runflat tyres as standard - as opposed to being optional equipment - and without any provision for a spare tyre.
IT'S never too late to shed a spare tyre, says Michelle Haywood.
By saving the 44lbs weight of a spare tyre in the boot, they not only hope to increase space but also improve fuel efficiency.