a sob story

sob story

A sad story told in an attempt to generate sympathy for the storyteller. Don't come in tomorrow without your final project. I don't want to hear any sob stories about how you forgot it at home.
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a ˈsob story

(informal, disapproving) a story that somebody tells you so that you will feel sorry for them, especially one that does not have that effect or is not true: Then she gave me another of her sob stories, this time about an argument with her boyfriend.
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She was filmed in floods of tears as she relayed a sob story about her own family.
But if a contestant's mother died of breast cancer when she was a little girl, that is hardly a sob story.
And if another contestant's wife died giving birth, that is hardly a sob story. Cole cries at true stories.
A sneak preview of tonight's show has leaked that there's a contestant with a sob story.