a sneak preview

sneak preview

A viewing or attendance of something before it is ready to be shown or released to the general public. Film journalists across the state were invited to a sneak preview of the new blockbuster in Hollywood. During the interview, I was given a sneak preview of the latest sculpture she's been working on.
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a ˌsneak ˈpreview

an opportunity to look at or watch something, for example a book or a film/movie, before it is shown to the public: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting.
See also: preview, sneak
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"It was a sneak preview of our new building which should be ready next summer, dedicated to the Airborne Forces who are often forgotten."
Visitors will be able to experience the theme through the booth design and through an exclusive series of short presentations at the booth for a sneak preview at the color trends under "INSOLENCE".
EVERTON fans will soon receive their 2016/17 Premier League season tickets - and the club gave lucky fans a sneak preview of the new season ticket card artwork at Finch Farm.
She gave instagram a sneak preview by posting a shot of the cover on her account carrying the caption "Cheeky sneak peek of my NEW calendar!!!!
I saw exactly that in a sneak preview of the new Children's Hospital on the University Hospital of Wales site at the Heath in Cardiff.
Viewers saw a sneak preview of Nick Frost's performance as Father Christmas as the latest series, starring Capaldi as The Doctor, reached its climax two weeks ago.
Watch the YouTube clip below for a sneak preview of Patrick Jane's life after the death of Red John.
THOSE eager to get a sneak preview of the new Library of Birmingham days before it opens can apply for a special preview tour.
Paris: French aerospace giant Airbus offered a sneak preview of its latest long-haul carrier, the A350, on Monday, rolling out a first model in front of hundreds of staff at its assembly plant in south-western France.
The 2,000 or more fans who travelled from all over the US and Europe to attend The Gathering, were treated to a sneak preview of some scenes.
Summary: Beyonce has given a sneak preview of her directorial debut, in which the famously private star gives an intimate insight into her life.
DOCTOR Who fans will get a sneak preview of the Timelord's latest series tonight.
A sneak preview of the new series of the long-running BBC Scotland comedy was held at the Odeon Glasgow Quay.
Graphic artist Bryan Talbot spoke to students about his work, and gave them a sneak preview of his latest novel
"It's well-placed for festival-goers to take a short break in their journey and means they get to see a sneak preview of a number of comedians' new shows before the masses descend on Edinburgh.