a sneak preview

sneak preview

A viewing or attendance of something before it is ready to be shown or released to the general public. Film journalists across the state were invited to a sneak preview of the new blockbuster in Hollywood. During the interview, I was given a sneak preview of the latest sculpture she's been working on.
See also: preview, sneak

a ˌsneak ˈpreview

an opportunity to look at or watch something, for example a book or a film/movie, before it is shown to the public: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting.
See also: preview, sneak
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Summary: Fans of Dallas have been given a sneak preview of what the new series will have to offer.
Bryan, an honorary graduate of the university, spoke to students about his work, and gave them a sneak preview of his latest graphic novel, Grandville 2 - Mon Amour, which will be available from December.
THE Grinning Idiot Comedy Club, one of the North East's biggest comedy organisations, is giving regional audiences to a sneak preview of some Edinburgh Festival's hotly-tipped shows this summer.
WRITER Jake Arnott gives a sneak preview of his latest novel at a special event at the Bluecoat this week.
But for more than 100 children who recently got a sneak preview of an exhibit on the human body - featuring Grover, Elmo and other ``Sesame Street'' characters - the show's new health kick is just plain fun.
A sneak preview of what designers are offering for the coming fall and winter season will take your breath away.
To Help Make This Holiday Season Safe a Sneak Preview is Available This Week on www.
Neil Atkinson hosted 75 Culture Club members at Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery where he gave them a sneak preview of his new work and spoke about his TV series, called A Moment in Time.
final trilogy installment ``The Matrix Revolutions'' gets a sneak preview and plug Sunday when Time Warner's TBS network runs the original ``Matrix.
Attendees will also see a sneak preview of V20, our next software release, introducing a new CAD/FEA modeling environment and featuring many other improvements for increased analysis capability, flexibility and ease of use.
We want to give the opportunity to everyone who bought a (2001) season pass to get a sneak preview,'' said Amy Means, a spokeswoman for the theme park.
Horror film fans in select cities across the country will be treated to a sneak preview of Lionsgate's newest horror motion picture, THE DESCENT, This one night only advance screening, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes content created especially by the producers for the event, will take place Wednesday, July 26th at 8:00 p.
Britney Spears has given a sneak preview of her cameo on hit US series Glee.
3 -- color -- ran in AV edition only) Goliath has plenty to attract right- side-up thrill seekers, who got a sneak preview Wednesday.
the premier provider of open source ERP and CRM applications, announced a sneak preview of its new Collaboration Management System at the intensive and technical training sessions in Bonn, Germany.