a smart cookie

smart cookie

A clever and intelligent person. Don't underestimate Cindy's intelligence—she's one smart cookie!
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a smart cookie

If someone is a smart cookie, they are clever and have good ideas. Anyone who made billions in the Russian oil industry is clearly a smart cookie. Helen's a pretty smart cookie — I trust her.
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a/one smart ˈcookie

(American English, informal) a clever person with good ideas: Jed is one smart cookie. I’m sure he’ll do the right thing.
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The film's code-cracking hero, Robert Langdon, is undoubtedly a smart cookie. But I bet even he couldn't work out why it costs pounds 5.40 for a watery Pepsi and a carton of polystyrene-flavoured popcorn.
And yes, Chris Hodgeson is a smart cookie, now if he would just come out of the smoke-filled rooms and closed-door smart growth 'panel' meetings; we could see how smart his ideas are.
Because--listen to this and believe it--you're a smart cookie. Everybody is smart in different ways, and everybody learns in different ways.
However, her recent comments that Sienna Miller, the new object of Jude's affections, is 'really lovely' show that she's a smart cookie.
Gorgeous Kathy Lloyd shows she's a smart cookie when it comes to dunking her favourite biscuit.