a sine qua non

sine qua non

A necessary, essential, or required element. The Latin phrases translates literally to "without which not." Some consider a good education to be the sine qua non of a successful career.
See also: non, qua, sine

a sine qua ˈnon (of/for something)

/%sIneI kwA: "n@Un; American English "noUn/ (from Latin, formal) something that is essential before you can achieve something else: Many people believe that grammar is the sine qua non of language learning.
In Latin, this means ‘without which not’.
See also: non, qua, sine
References in classic literature ?
if the classical phrase might be pardoned) a sine qua non.
Iran will introduce its new oil contracts next month in which the transfer of technology will be a sine qua non condition, Petroleum Ministry officials said.
Rover Systems: Like most revolutionary systems that are not initially taken too seriously Rover systems have become a sine qua non in a number of cases as they enable a man on the ground to have a drone's view see his surroundings (for example) on his adequately equipped display.
It has been recognised by all concerned that the implementation of the agreement in letter and spirit is a sine qua non for the redress of the causes of tension and conflicts, big and small, along the long border between the two countries.
On the other hand, the search for a Europe that will be able to respond effectively to these issues is a sine qua non and in this environment the upcoming elections certainly have a particular interest and at the same time they have a challenge to meet" Vassiliou said, stressing that the broad participation of people in these elections in particular can help.
Interim PM Ali Larayedh said for his part that the success of the transitional stage relies on labour and dialogue, a sine qua non condition to revive economic growth and preserve financial balances in the face of the world and regional situation.
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde said that loan negotiations with Egypt had stumbled due to political instability in the country, stressing that "stability is a sine qua non condition for the loan".
CJ further said the independence of judiciary is a sine qua non for the promotion of rule of law which is a basic substance of democracy and necessitates the supremacy of constitution, equality before law and equal protection of law.
The chief of the powerful organization, which is a great ally of Damascus, has once again called on Syrian opposition to hold dialogue with President Bashar al-Assad, an option already rejected by opponents who pose as a sine qua non the departure of the head of State.
It is a sine qua non that a language keeps itself alive if it retains subtlety and imagination.
As a sine qua non for obtaining the loan, the negative pledge would arguably make the entire loan proceeds an amount "received or receivable" in respect of the covenant.
English language proficiency is a sine qua non for the success of the IMET program.
The SPLM rejects this position utterly demanding as a sine qua non for serious negotiation the principle of a secular state in which the Shari'a is only one source of law.
The question of Jerusalem is likely to be one of the most difficult issues, its solution a sine qua non for a permanent Israeli-Palestinian agreement.
It also has a credible insider perspective, which is a sine qua non to a sensitive African church historiography.