a shotgun wedding

shotgun wedding

A wedding that happens quickly due to an unplanned pregnancy. After finding out she was pregnant, Gina and Tom had a shotgun wedding.
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a shotgun wedding

1. A shotgun wedding is a wedding that happens quickly because the woman is pregnant. The sort of marriage that starts with a shotgun wedding never quite escapes from the feeling that one partner or the other has been trapped.
2. A shotgun wedding is when two companies or organizations join together suddenly because they need to. The committee was created through a shotgun wedding between the community relations commission and the race relations board.
See also: shotgun, wedding

a ˌshotgun ˈwedding/ˈmarriage

(old-fashioned, informal) a marriage which takes place because the woman is pregnant
This expression probably refers to the father of a woman, who threatens to shoot the man unless he marries her.
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She added: "But she's not going to be so impressed when she finds he wants a shotgun wedding so their child is born in wedlock.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Wachovia (WB) was forced into a shotgun wedding with Citigroup (C) and then before the honeymoon started reneged for another forced marriage with Wells Fargo (WFC)
One of those films you feel you've seen 20 times before, The Wedding Date is more like a shotgun wedding in that you'd have to put a gun to my head to get me to watch it again.
Once such sounds were in the crowd's head, Fischer engineered something of a shotgun wedding, uniting the Philharmonic first with Okros, improvising cadenzas in Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.
My first wedding was a shotgun wedding basically," says Lynne.
The idea is, the girls will propose to their chaps and then whisk them down the aisle for something of a shotgun wedding.
24 NATURE that the formerly aloof argon has been coerced into the chemical equivalent of a shotgun wedding.
It was a shotgun wedding, and you were so drunk at the ceremony I'm surprised you still remember your name.
When the old councils merged, it was dubbed a shotgun wedding as neither Bedworth nor Nuneaton wanted to be political bedfellows.
the Peter Tilden Morning Show with Buzz will host a shotgun wedding by marrying two KZLA listeners
Bob's daughter Peaches is now part of a pair after losing her single status in a shotgun wedding to a little-known musician in Las Vegas.
She stages a shotgun wedding reception with expert attentiveness to every awful, theater-of-cruelty detail, virtually defining the term painfully funny as she cha-chas merrily along.
It is disgraceful and unlawful for Tenet to deny its RNs and other staff the raises they are entitled to unless their employees agree to a shotgun wedding with SEIU/AFSCME," said CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.
This is not a shotgun wedding or a mail-order wedding of any kind.
They have a public responsibility to take the time needed to better understand the commitment they are being asked to make, instead of acting like this is a shotgun wedding," reflects Elden Hughes of the Sierra Club.