a shotgun wedding

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shotgun wedding

A wedding that happens quickly due to an unplanned pregnancy. After finding out she was pregnant, Gina and Tom had a shotgun wedding.
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a shotgun wedding

1. A shotgun wedding is a wedding that happens quickly because the woman is pregnant. The sort of marriage that starts with a shotgun wedding never quite escapes from the feeling that one partner or the other has been trapped.
2. A shotgun wedding is when two companies or organizations join together suddenly because they need to. The committee was created through a shotgun wedding between the community relations commission and the race relations board.
See also: shotgun, wedding

a ˌshotgun ˈwedding/ˈmarriage

(old-fashioned, informal) a marriage which takes place because the woman is pregnant
This expression probably refers to the father of a woman, who threatens to shoot the man unless he marries her.
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Because this cobbled together coalition is a shotgun marriage, pretty desperate politics.
This is a marriage of convenience, a shotgun marriage and mark my words - it'll end in divorce.
WE all know it was a shotgun marriage when Dewsbury and Huddersfield were forced together for local government purposes to form Kirklees Council.
A shotgun marriage in more ways than one, the result leans heavily on a large, semi-familiar supporting cast who alternately recite well-known speeches from movies and plays and shoot their way into and out of criminal scrapes.
By taking this action, the board of directors and executive management has once again revealed their lack of business judgment and disregard for the shareholders, employees and retirees of Wheeling-Pitt by entering into a shotgun marriage.
And they have given us a 20/20 view into the realities of health care, circa 1997, when medicine and economics unite in a shotgun marriage.