a shopping list of (something)

a shopping list of (something)

A list of possible options or things that one wants or needs. Primarily heard in UK. The new political coalition has issued a shopping list of demands for the prime minister ahead of the referendum. The agency has created a shopping list of options for consumers looking to resolve their debt. Dave gave me quite a shopping list of qualities he wants in the applicants for the job. Does he not realize this is an entry-level position?
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shopping list

1. Lit. a list of things one needs to buy. I made up a shopping list for groceries that we are out of. Don't forget to take the shopping list with you to the store.
2. Fig. a list of things, especially questions or things one wants. I have a shopping list of absolute musts. He showed up for the interview with a shopping list so long that it took two pages.
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a shopping list

Someone's shopping list is a list of their demands or requirements from a particular person or organization. Mr Baker presented a shopping list of additional help the United States required from its allies. The Social Democratic Party has just laid out a shopping list of changes that might make the treaty acceptable. Note: The usual American expression is laundry list.
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