a shade

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a shade

A bit; a small amount. Her paper was a shade better than yours, that's why she got an A- while you got a B+.
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a shade (something)

Somewhat; a little bit; slightly. The software update should make is a shade easier to search for the information you need. I think we should use a mixture that's a shade thinner.
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slang Subtle insults or expressions of disapproval. I was just checking my phone for a second when Joe totally threw shade at me, saying, "Some of us don't need to be glued to our phones every minute of the day." My mom is the queen of shade. She loves to say, "Is that really what you're going to wear?"

a shade

A little bit; slightly: a sprinter who was a shade quicker that the rest.
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References in classic literature ?
A crown of woven cocoa-nut leaves is also worn as a shade for the eyes.
If they sell two hundred more cakes this month and next, they can have the lamp by Christmas," Rebecca answered, "and they can get a shade by summer time; but I'm afraid I can't help very much after to-day, because my aunt Miranda may not like to have me.
SAN DIEGO - Right-hander Eric Gagne was a shade more than 3 years old when Rickey Henderson scored his first major-league run June 27, 1979.
They can be made up in single, bifocal or varifocal lenses and you can even select the lens colour from a shade card.
The Ports, hosting the JetHawks in a three-game series beginning tonight, were eighth in the 10-team league attracting a shade below 1,200 customers a game.
Bond's ability to record strikeouts throwing a fastball that tops out a shade below 90 mph increases his stock.