a seal of approval

seal of approval

An indication of endorsement or authorization of something. The phrase does not typically refer to a physical seal. No, you can't start that construction project until the boss gives it his seal of approval.
See also: approval, of, seal

a ˌseal of apˈproval

the formal support or approval of a person or an organization: Our project has the director’s seal of approval.
See also: approval, of, seal
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The country's biggest producer of geothermal energy has been given a seal of approval by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) that would make it easy for the renewable energy company to acquire permits for expansion and other projects.
7 billion industry, a seal of approval can go a long way, especially when consumers become bleary eyed due to the clutter of choices, Zimmerman said.
Centrum is one such company that doesn't have a seal of approval on its products.
For more information or to request a Seal of Approval participation packet, call (800) 882-8846.
Many products have some sort of a seal of approval, including the U.
The professional organization certifies web hosts with a seal of approval if they continuously meet stringent certification criteria.