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He is active and playful, and very affectionate - he's not a scaredy cat at all.
Bit confusing that the feline faces are hidden, though, because it's not like you can accuse someone with bright pink and blue hair of being a scaredy cat.
There's a spider in my wardrobe It really freaks me out When I first saw its creepy legs It made me gasp and shout It's big and black and scary A silent stealth invader It stares at me with menace A regular Darth Vader A master of disguises It hides just anywhere In folds and sleeves and pockets It really doesn't care I'm tossing and I'm turning I really need some sleep But with a spider in my wardrobe I'm trembling like a leaf Spider, spider, don't come out While I'm alone in bed I really am a scaredy cat With covers over my head By Stephen Bayley, Woolton
19 Pets corner Vivian Silverstein's tips to stop your dog from being a scaredy cat.
Barry tries to overcome his reputation as a scaredy cat by volunteering to fill sandbags to prevent flooding in his hometown.
There's a smaller tower, of about 5ft, and even that took him half an hour to get down from, so he's a bit of a scaredy cat.
MUM Katie Holmes told little Suri not to be a scaredy cat on a trip to the zoo.
Even though I'm a scaredy cat, I enjoyed it,'' Suzan said.
26 &27 Animal magic Scott Miller has advice for coping with an epiliptic spaniel and a scaredy cat.