a rogues' gallery

rogues' gallery

1. old-fashioned A collection of photographs of known criminals and suspects kept and used by police to identify people taken into custody. The constable recognized the shady character from the rogues' gallery back at the station.
2. By extension, any collection of unsavory, unpleasant, or undesirable people or things. Often used humorously or ironically. The film is a veritable rogues' gallery of bad cinema—bad direction, bad acting, bad cinematography, bad everything. The new studio calls is something of a rogues' gallery of developers that used to work for the biggest video game publishers in the industry.
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a ˌrogues’ ˈgallery

(informal, humorous) a collection of photographs of criminals: Have you seen these photos of the new teachers? What a rogues’ gallery!
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References in classic literature ?
Reader, if you had come to spend the night in the lonely castle of a perfect stranger with a shifty eye and a rogues' gallery smile, and on retiring to your room had found the door kick-proof and the window barred, and if, immediately after your discovery of these phenomena, a white-faced young lady had plunged in upon you and urged you to immediate flight, wouldn't that jar you?
A rogues' gallery of prolific thieves is being used by store bosses to smash shoplifting in a Teesside town.
There has been a rogues' gallery of such characters recently, from the scam artist Nikki Davies in ``Kiss or Kill'' (1997) to O'Connor's period turns as adulterous Emma Bovary and Austenian doormat Fanny Price in, respectively, ``Madame Bovary'' and ``Mansfield Park.
Video explorations of completed buildings are on display here and the office personnel - which now includes language teachers - is represented by a rogues' gallery of mug-shots stretching all along one wall.
A POLICE force posted a rogues' gallery of its 10 most-wanted men on its website yesterday.
A set of volcanic chimneys that scientists pulled up from the ocean floor last summer is yielding a rogues' gallery of microbes, including what may be some of the toughest forms of life ever discovered.
Police have compiled a rogues' gallery of mugshots to help Devon shopkeepers beat the pilfering pensioners.
Spam Arrest's filing tells "the story of a successful Minnesota canned meat vendor, six British comedians, a rogues' gallery of unscrupulous email marketers, and a brave legion of computer programmers determined to defend the public against an onslaught of unwanted email.
It chronicles facets of those times as trivial as a 60s fad for motor scooters in New York or a Rogues' Gallery of notable crooks - or as momentous as the Civil Rights movement in the U.