a roaring success

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be a roaring success

To be extremely or triumphantly successful. For having such a limited budget, their play turned out to be a roaring success. My business was a roaring success in the 1980s and '90s, but the advent of the Internet rendered my services obsolete.
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a ˌroaring sucˈcess

(informal) a very great success: The band was such a roaring success that they have been asked to stay for an extra week.His movies haven’t exactly been a roaring success, have they?
See also: roaring, success
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Games have been a roaring success WE can do it, yes we can, and as the two Ellie's march into the swimming pool you can hear the buzz as the Empire fights back, but wow, what a fashion statement!
Great TV, drama, fashion, tears and joy, The Paralympic Games have been a roaring success and a technical triumph for both the athletes and the organisers.