a ringside seat

ringside seat

1. Literally, a front-row seat next to a boxing ring (thought to be the best place to watch the match). Wow, you got ringside seats to that fight? They must have cost thousands!
2. By extension, a place in close proximity to a certain situation or event. I unexpectedly had a ringside seat when a fight broke out at the bar. Living near this forest my whole life, I've had a ringside seat to witness the change in the population of birds.
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a ringside seat


a ringside view

If you have a ringside seat or a ringside view, you have an excellent and clear view of what is happening somewhere. From this hotel, you get a ringside seat at the volcano's performance. The first US presidential election for which I had a ringside seat was that which brought John F. Kennedy to office over 30 years ago. Note: In boxing, the ringside seats are the seats that are closest to the ring and have the best view.
See also: ringside, seat
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Irishman Collins, the former WBO super-middleweight champion, is believed to have booked a ringside seat to watch Jones' fight at home in Florida against New York policeman Richard Frazier.
So you've got a little spare change and you'd fancy a ringside seat at the Republican National Convention.
Fans paid up to [euro]80,000 for a ringside seat and more than 400 million viewers tuned in around the world to watch the long-awaited [euro]400million bout on TV.
The students will spend the morning having a taster session of various sports, before in the afternoon having a ringside seat watching the athletes train.
Matthew fights for a world title while Ricky will be relegated to a ringside seat.
DEAN Harrison is set to turn down a ringside seat for the fight of the year in Las Vegas to have a few beers with his mates from Wolverhampton.
In 1963 a ringside seat was pounds 4-4sh and the 1966 fight was pounds 6-6sh.
But if anyone's got a spare ticket for the first head-to-head between the fiery Frenchman and wee Scott Brown, I would love a ringside seat.
The juice behind ``Million Dollar Baby,'' rushed into release at the end of last year so it could be eligible for Academy Award voting, gives everyone a ringside seat as it tries to slug it out for best picture, best actor and actress, best director, best supporting spittoon, best trailer-trash family brawl and, if we're not mistaken, best reason for Hollywood to keep looking for scripts with boxing at its core.
His great day out will take in one of next season's top Premiership games and include pre-match drinks, lunch, half-time refreshments and tea, as well as a ringside seat to see Shearer and the lads in action.
BIRD-WATCHERS will be taking a ringside seat for some of the best views at Brandon Marsh nature reserve with the reopening of the Jon Baldwin Hide.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, scholar, writer, politician, and, as long-term member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a man with a ringside seat on the slow unveiling of the troubling performance record of the $28-billion-a-year U.
The SOHO spacecraft, which stares at the sun continuously from a vantage point 1 million kilometers in front of Earth, had a ringside seat for the solar display.
Here indeed was the place for me, a ringside seat at the circus.
By teaming with ShoZu to gather images from around the world, we will be able to paint a global portrait of the festivities, and our members will have a ringside seat at events that are thousands of miles away.