rap sheet

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rap sheet

A list of a person's criminal history. The suspect had a rap sheet a mile long due to his numerous run-ins with the police.
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(rap) sheet

n. a criminal record listing all recorded criminal charges. (see also rap.) The sergeant asked if there was a sheet on the prisoner.
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A Rap Sheet, or criminal record is the response returned by the FBI.
That's quite a rap sheet for any artist--or human being for that matter.
By the time he was 14, a single boy in the English town of Elland had quite a rap sheet:
Writing for a unanimous court in the rap sheet case, Justice John Paul Stevens observed that "If it is always true that the damage to a private citizen's privacy interest from a rap sheet's production outweighs the FOIA-based public value of such disclosure, then it is perfectly appropriate to conclude as a categorical matter that production of such [rap sheets] could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy."
The justices, who voted with the majority in the case, warned that the ruling "could run aground on occasion" - for instance, in a case where a rap sheet showed a congressional candidate had been convicted of tax fraud.