a quick one

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quick one

A brief stop or break to have an alcoholic beverage. Let's stop by the bar for a quick one before we go home. I'm not looking to stay at the bar all night. Let's just grab a quick one before we go to the game.
See also: one, quick

a ˈquick one

(British English, informal) a drink, usually alcoholic, which you have a short time for before doing something else: Have you got time for a quick one before your train goes?
See also: one, quick
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Wait, Sancho, and I will do them in the saying of a credo," and pulling off his breeches in all haste he stripped himself to his skin and his shirt, and then, without more ado, he cut a couple of gambados in the air, and a couple of somersaults, heels over head, making such a display that, not to see it a second time, Sancho wheeled Rocinante round, and felt easy, and satisfied in his mind that he could swear he had left his master mad; and so we will leave him to follow his road until his return, which was a quick one.