a quantum leap

quantum leap

A sudden or important change or improvement. Gary's new job in upper management is a quantum leap forward from his old position at the factory.
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a quantum leap

A quantum leap is a very great and sudden increase in the size, amount, or quality of something. The vaccine represents a quantum leap in healthcare. The scale of migration took a quantum leap in the early 1970s. Note: People sometimes say a quantum jump with the same meaning. We want a quantum jump in exports.
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a quantum ˈleap

(also a quantum ˈjump less frequent) a sudden very large increase, advance or improvement in something: This latest research represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the universe.The quantum leap in writing technology came with the introduction of personal computers.
In physics, a quantum jump is a sudden change in a physical quality such as energy from one fixed level to another.
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Director Dianne Stevenson said: "It's a quantum leap for us as a home-grown business with international ambition.
ENPNewswire-August 9, 2019--Airbus: A quantum leap in computing power; is quantum computing the next game-changer in aerospace?
Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in Quantum Leap The 82-year-old said: "I just finished writing a Quantum Leap feature.
We will not be satisfied by the incremental changes the previous governments have been claiming, but take a quantum leap to reach millions others,'' Patra said.
"What makes a quantum leap a quantum leap is that we are investing a lot of time and effort in a very disciplined process," McRaven told the board Thursday.
Summary: Initiative aims to provide a quantum leap in standard of Emirati medical cadres
The Board reviewed topics on its agenda and took the relevant decisions that contribute to a quantum leap for the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
Her coaching has resulted in a quantum leap with regards to my money story, my health story and all of my relationships which are all thriving as a result of investing in myself with her as my mentor.
I have noticed a quantum leap in the education process in the last three years.
"We are calling for a quantum leap in the strengthening of budget surveillance, in particular with what I would call a reversal of the burden of proof," Jean-Claude Trichet states in an interview, published on 10September in The Financial Times.
"the center is a quantum leap in primary health care in the country."
MANAMA: Bahrain is poised for a quantum leap in political, economic and social development, Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa declared yesterday.
"It represents a quantum leap forward in Lean implementation in just a single year," she said.
CHARLTON chaiirman Richard Murray can see no reason why Darren Bent should want to leave Charlton in the foreseeable future - unless it was to make "a quantum leap" to a top-four Barclays Premiership club .