a quantum leap

quantum leap

A sudden or important change or improvement. Gary's new job in upper management is a quantum leap forward from his old position at the factory.
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a quantum leap

A quantum leap is a very great and sudden increase in the size, amount, or quality of something. The vaccine represents a quantum leap in healthcare. The scale of migration took a quantum leap in the early 1970s. Note: People sometimes say a quantum jump with the same meaning. We want a quantum jump in exports.
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a quantum ˈleap

(also a quantum ˈjump less frequent) a sudden very large increase, advance or improvement in something: This latest research represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the universe.The quantum leap in writing technology came with the introduction of personal computers.
In physics, a quantum jump is a sudden change in a physical quality such as energy from one fixed level to another.
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Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in Quantum Leap The 82-year-old said: "I just finished writing a Quantum Leap feature.
What makes a quantum leap a quantum leap is that we are investing a lot of time and effort in a very disciplined process," McRaven told the board Thursday.
Summary: Initiative aims to provide a quantum leap in standard of Emirati medical cadres
Ali bin Ibrahim Al Ghabban, Vice-President of SCTA for Antiquities and Museum, has recently stated that, the project of King Abdullah for caring of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom which was approved by the Cabinet last week, aims at creating a quantum leap in the efforts of caring of the antiquities of the Kingdom, its museums, handicraft and urban heritage as well as rehabilitating the national heritage in a manner that contributes greatly in the comprehensive economic development and create a national memory to enhance the cultural dimension of the Kingdom.
Her coaching has resulted in a quantum leap with regards to my money story, my health story and all of my relationships which are all thriving as a result of investing in myself with her as my mentor.
We are calling for a quantum leap in the strengthening of budget surveillance, in particular with what I would call a reversal of the burden of proof," Jean-Claude Trichet states in an interview, published on 10September in The Financial Times.
the center is a quantum leap in primary health care in the country.
It is a quantum leap in attitude from the ruling body of the game, whose own amateur club at St Andrews bars women and children.
A quantum leap in output rate for corrugated cable duct was introduced late last year with the UC100 corrugator from Unicor GmbH in Germany, represented here by ProfilePipe Machinery Inc.
Regarding the quantum computer ("Computation takes a quantum leap," SN: 8/26/00, p.
To transfer that into calling him an ally is, I think, a quantum leap, and in some ways it does a disservice to those of us who really work on these issues a great deal more," Strouse said.
Fox drove a DeLorean Back to the Future three times, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator dropped in twice from the 21st century, and Scott Bakula did a Quantum Leap into just about every childhood memory Baby Boomers could muster.
All in all, the EMC announcements represent a sensible next step in the performance/capacity roadmap, but it represents more of an incremental increase than a quantum leap.
Scott added: "This is a quantum leap forward for the Racing Post and one of the most important weekends in our history.