a quantum leap

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quantum leap

A sudden or important change or improvement. Gary's new job in upper management is a quantum leap forward from his old position at the factory.
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a quantum leap

A quantum leap is a very great and sudden increase in the size, amount, or quality of something. The vaccine represents a quantum leap in healthcare. The scale of migration took a quantum leap in the early 1970s. Note: People sometimes say a quantum jump with the same meaning. We want a quantum jump in exports.
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a quantum ˈleap

(also a quantum ˈjump less frequent) a sudden very large increase, advance or improvement in something: This latest research represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the universe.The quantum leap in writing technology came with the introduction of personal computers.
In physics, a quantum jump is a sudden change in a physical quality such as energy from one fixed level to another.
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RDA consultants had proposed erection of railway steel bridge weighing 237 tonnes and on the other hand Railway has enhanced the quantum of bridge to 480 tones, therefore, cost of construction has registered a quantum jump increase from Rs 429.
Therefore, although we try very hard to create continuities between the chemical and the biological, there is not in fact a complete continuity; there is a jump, a quantum jump, you might say.
According to quantum theory, the more frequently one tries to observe a system's state as the system is going through a quantum jump, the more likely the system will show up in its initial state.
They said of the TT900 S2S: "It represents a quantum jump in 2D gel image analysis.
Similar techniques allowed Dehmelt and his collaborators to observe a quantum jump in a single ion (SN: 6/21/86, p.
The ACH1000 offers pilots and operations a quantum jump in the cost/benefit of SATCOM," said Jon Gilbert, president of Blue Sky Network.