a pub crawl

pub crawl

A tour of local pubs or bars, usually with the purpose of having one or more drinks at each along the way. We're going on a literary pub crawl tonight to visit all the pubs the city's famous authors used to frequent. That's the last time I do a pub crawl. My body just can't handle that much booze anymore!
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a ˈpub crawl

(British English, informal) a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking in each one: We went on a pub crawl last night.
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Registration is $20 per person and includes a pub crawl T-shirt and a swag bag.
If you're looking for a pub crawl which leaves you with more than just a hang-over, this is definitely it.
Paula Bishop, 37, was found on a hotel room floor by husband Stuart, hours after a pub crawl.
But The Pilot, which used to be the final pub on the route, has no interest in being part of a pub crawl, and will turn away groups of travelling drinkers.
A Dumfries man is calling on people to join him for a pub crawl on Saturday night in a bid to raise cash for John and his family.
Siem Reap Governor So Platong said in an interview yesterday that he did not remember the name of the group that had been warned after organising a pub crawl two weeks ago - there are multiple such tours on offer in the tourist hotspot - but said that they had been asked to stop the event at Pub Street.
These lads dressed up as 101 Dalmatians for a pub crawl. Inset, one of the playful pups MATTHEW JONES
One of Huddersfield's best-known pubs, The County, is getting a muchneeded makeover Always a 'port of call' in the early 1970s when on a pub crawl around town!
I RECENTLY took my oldest child on a pub crawl in town - a historic motherand-son bonding session now he's 18.
Activities include "Bears at the Casino" night Thursday, pool parties both Friday and Saturday, a pub crawl Friday night with meal, and a banquet/ Toga/Bingo Party Saturday evening at Caesars Table.
In Shaun of the Dead they tackled zombies, in Hot Fuzz they took on small-town police and mobsters but for their latest dose of laddish camaraderie Pegg, Frost and director Edgar Wright take on their biggest challenge - a pub crawl with the end of the world at stake.
Sacramento, CA, August 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- One of Sacramento's best festivals gets going Friday night, August 31st with a pub crawl of sorts.
Following the death of a college student during a pub crawl last spring involving students from the University of Rhode Island, lawmakers voted to prohibit any liquor licensee from knowingly allowing use of its premises as part of an organized pub crawl.