a prophet of doom

prophet of doom

A person who always warns others about possible negative consequences of decisions or actions. Don't tell Rodney about your new plan—he's such a prophet of doom that he'll completely kill your motivation.
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a ˌprophet of ˈdoom


a ˈdoom merchant

a person who always expects that things will go very badly: Various prophets of doom have suggested that standards in education are worse than ever.
See also: doom, of, prophet
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"We've taken a turn to Negative Town man," he said before the England-Croatia match, complaining that Alan Hansen was being a prophet of doom. The fact that Hansen was RIGHT was a minor detail.
IT gives me no pleasure to be a prophet of doom over asylum seekers.
Jeremiah is known as a prophet of doom. Again and again he denounces his people for their sins, particularly that of idolatry.
Nor does Gray want to be known as a prophet of doom. Rather, he hopes people living in high-risk areas will take extra precautions during the current hurricane season.
He accurately foretold the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel, and, as a prophet of doom, anticipated later Old Testament prophets.
A PROPHET of doom planned to win the Lotto with God's help and build a disaster proof Noah's Ark in a suburban semi for the survivors of the end of the world, a court heard yesterday.
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