a pregnant pause

pregnant pause

A long pause in speech that indicates a lot of meaning or significance. There was a pregnant pause when the topic changed to Grandpa's will, and everyone could tell that something shocking was about to be revealed. The most telling part of his speech was the pregnant pause before he denied any wrongdoing.
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a pregnant pause (or silence)

a pause or silence that is laden with meaning or significance.
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a pregnant ˈpause/ˈsilence

a pause/silence in which everyone is waiting or listening for something, or a moment of silence which is full of meaning: There was a pregnant pause while everyone waited to hear what she had to say.
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Maybe a pregnant pause is needed between the two programmes ...
He cleared his throat and read loudly from the crumpled sheet: "There was a pregnant pause, followed by a lot of tiny pauses" before flinging the transcript in my face.
THERE was definitely a pregnant pause when shocked Birmingham patient Teresa Orr found out she was about to have a baby.
A PREGNANT PAUSE...Danielle tells Ronnie her secret
ACTRESS Lindsay Lohan enjoys a pregnant pause on a movie shoot in Los Angeles.
And for a Republican Party tangled in its own oppressive dogma, a pregnant pause could be a godsend.
A pregnant pause is not bad at this point; it may cause the employer to rationalize the amount, and it will give you more time to think.
THERE was a pregnant pause at the recent V Festival at Weston Park in Stafford when one of the bands took to the stage without their guitarist.
THERE was a pregnant pause in Glasgow last night as pop trio Atomic Kitten kept Scots fans waiting.