a pregnant pause

a pregnant pause

An overly long pause in speech that indicates a lot of meaning or significance. She gave a pregnant pause just before announcing the winner to build dramatic tension. While recounting his story, Jake gave a pregnant pause before naming the person who committed the crime, leading me to wonder whether he was telling the truth.
See also: pause, pregnant

a pregnant pause (or silence)

a pause or silence that is laden with meaning or significance.
See also: pause, pregnant

a pregnant ˈpause/ˈsilence

a pause/silence in which everyone is waiting or listening for something, or a moment of silence which is full of meaning: There was a pregnant pause while everyone waited to hear what she had to say.
See also: pause, pregnant, silence
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Maybe a pregnant pause is needed between the two programmes .
THERE was a pregnant pause at the recent V Festival at Weston Park in Stafford when one of the bands took to the stage without their guitarist.
ACTRESS Lindsay Lohan enjoys a pregnant pause on a movie shoot in Los Angeles.
And for a Republican Party tangled in its own oppressive dogma, a pregnant pause could be a godsend.
It's been confirmed by People magazine, so it must be true: Brynn Cameron (Newbury Park) is taking a pregnant pause from her basketball career to have Matt Leinart's kid.
A pregnant pause is not bad at this point; it may cause the employer to rationalize the amount, and it will give you more time to think.
THERE was a pregnant pause in Glasgow last night as pop trio Atomic Kitten kept Scots fans waiting.
With the way the Dodgers have played the last three weeks, and the belief they were hurt by poor calls by umpires, it felt like more than a pregnant pause before third-base umpire Joe West ruled Green held his swing.
but it turns out that Fiona's mid-thirties were just a pregnant pause.