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The Hamas regime and the other terrorist organizations turned the Gaza Strip into a powder-keg.
LEE CLARK admits he is relishing the prospect of taking on recently relegated Sunderland in what can only be described as a powder-keg EFL Cup clash for the ex-Newcastle United and Black Cats man.
Amid a powder-keg atmosphere seven other players - three for Chelsea and four for PSG - were given yellow cards.
THE execution of Kim Jongun's uncle will confirm many peoples' conviction that North Korea is a land in which state-sanctioned killings are a political tool and deepen anxieties that this is a powder-keg nation with the potential to spread mayhem and disaster across the surrounding region.
But the Blantyre derby hardly looks like a powder-keg fixture.
From former All Saint Natalie Appleton to royal butler Paul Burrell, to loud- mouthed journalist Janet Street-Porter, the selection looks set to promise a powder-keg of personalities.
It's not even a shot of adrenaline, its a powder-keg of adrenaline.
The reasons offered by English Heritage for so doing are a powder-keg, capable of blowing away the planning controls that councils everywhere - and English Heritage itself - rely on to protect our most important historical buildings.
He said it had turned Ulster into a powder-keg that was primed for explosion.
Kevin Keegan walked into a powder-keg situation with hundreds of Manchester United fans at Oporto Airport last week - and came away smiling.
Birmingham boss Trevor Francis is sitting on a powder-keg.
The single largest addition 27 years, NITRO introduces adventure-lovers to a powder-keg of thrills.
VILLAIN Paddy Conroy today claims he was the target of a powder-keg prison murder plot.
And the potential for Sousa to be in the opposition dug-out would make it a powder-keg atmosphere following his controversial time in South Wales.
Yorath is among the numerous dissenting voices accusing Hammam of adding to a powder-keg atmosphere at Ninian Park on Sunday, prompting him to pledge not to walk around the club's pitch in future.