a poison pen letter

poison-pen letter

A letter that contains malicious statements or accusations about the recipient or another party. Shortly after announcing his candidacy, he received an anonymous poison-pen letter attacking his platform.
See also: letter

a ˌpoison ˈpen letter

an unpleasant letter which is not signed and is intended to upset the person who receives it: Most politicians get poison pen letters, sometimes threatening their lives.
See also: letter, pen, poison
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THE key suspect in a poison pen letter scandal at the Scottish SPCA has refused to give a handwriting sample to police.
sent pen ritten ink, it go ht in If they sent a poison pen letter written in green ink, it would go straight in the bin.
UPSET: Robert Williams, pictured with his wife Narimane, after he received a poison pen letter telling him to take down his religious paintings, above Picture by DOUG MOODY
STRIKERS yesterday picketed outside their factory over a pay dispute undeterred by a poison pen letter warning them that the plant would close if they continued their industrial action.
A homeowner decided the very public response was necessary after receiving a poison pen letter from an anonymous resident criticising the state of his home and labelling it the "worst in Holyhead Road".
POLICE are investigating claims that comedian Catherine Tate was targeted by a poison pen letter writer.
POLICE were investigating claims last night that comedian Catherine Tate was targeted by a poison pen letter writer.
COMEDIAN Catherine Tate has been targeted by a poison pen letter writer.
A BUSINESSMAN has been accused of sending a poison pen letter to court officials after they tried to seize his pounds 500,000 fortune.
A COUNCIL election candidate who had part of her finger bitten off by a dog during her campaign has been the victim of a poison pen letter writer.
The accusations against Professor Hermann Palsson, 80, were contained in a poison pen letter Sanchez sent to people in both Britain and Iceland, including TV host Magnus Magnusson.
A WOMAN accused of stabbing her husband after a poison pen letter said he was cheating on her walked free yesterday.
The leading opponent of Redcar's Coatham Links scheme today vowed not to let a poison pen letter weaken his resolve.
The dad-of-three spent four days behind bars in Bedfordshire after a poison pen letter was sent to the boss of a Granada motorway service station.