a point of view

a/(one's) point of view

1. One's individual opinion about someone or something. In my point of view, we ought to be limiting our association with them until we know for sure they are completely legitimate. Well, that's just your point of view, and I happen to disagree with it.
2. A particular perspective on or way of thinking about something. So what I told you was the truth—from a certain point of view. I think we need a new point of view on this project. We're all just too stuck in our normal way of thinking about how to tackle the problem.
See also: of, point, view

a ˌpoint of ˈview

1 somebody’s opinion about somebody/something: I don’t agree with her, but she has a right to her point of view.
2 one way of looking at or judging something: From the businessman’s point of view these new hourly flights to Paris are just what is needed.
See also: of, point, view