a plain Jane

plain Jane

A female who is not considered physically attractive by societal standards. Betty always felt like she was a plain Jane, so she was very surprised when the most handsome boy in school asked her to be his prom date.
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a plain ˈJane

(disapproving) a girl or woman who is not very pretty or attractive: She was a shy girl, who always thought of herself as a plain Jane.
See also: Jane, plain
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I think every woman has a Plain Jane moment," Roe tells tabloid!, though with her lush brown locks and golden tan, we find that hard to believe.
GORGEOUS singer Christina Aguilera is a plain Jane - we'll that's what she thinks anyway.
But given the choice of being a Liz Hurley or a plain Jane, there would be no contest - let's face it.
But fear not: Though Busch has written a touching portrait of a plain Jane with a heart of gold, he does riot sully his Norma Shearer-like reputation by playing Henrietta or any of the other characters in The Green Heart--his contribution is limited to the snappy, if familiar, book.
FORMER Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson looked like a plain Jane on a shopping trip.
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