a place in the sun

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a/(one's) place in the sun

An advantageous or favorable position or situation. Your place in the sun will be assured when you win this match. After being a secondary player on the world stage, the emerging power began to look for its place in the sun.
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a place in the sun

If someone has a place in the sun, they are in a job or situation where they are happy and have everything that they want. I think I've earned my place in the sun. They were looking forward to a period of stability and the chance of a place in the sun. Note: This phrase was used by Bernard von Bulow, the German Chancellor, in a speech to the German parliament in 1897, referring to his country's desire to play a part in the colonization of East Asia: `We do not wish to force anyone into the shade, but demand our own place in the sun'.
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a place in the ˈsun

(of a person) a very favourable position, especially in your professional life: When he was offered a professorship at Caltech, he felt that he had finally found his place in the sun.This is a translation of a phrase used in Pascal’s Pensées in the seventeenth century.
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