a pep talk

pep talk

A speech given to encourage others. The team was looking lethargic, but the coach gave them a pep talk at half time, and they came out with a lot of energy. I gave Michelle a pep talk because I knew she was nervous about starting her new job.
See also: pep, talk

a ˈpep talk

(informal) a talk by somebody to give people confidence or encouragement: Just before the exams, our teacher gave us all a pep talk.
See also: pep, talk
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Scotland's footy legend pitched up at Scotstoun to give Warriors a pep talk and hooker MacArthur will take his words of wisdom into battle with the Italians.
And after moving to within two victories of the title, the Olympic champion revealed Fergie gave him a pep talk on handling the pressures of home expectations.
It was to be a pep talk in English, but immediately followed by a French translation.
Worthington said: "We've had a pep talk on discipline and it was a simple message - behave yourself on and off the pitch.