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open question

An issue or topic that cannot be readily resolved or decided; a question that has a variety of different answers or perspectives. Whether veganism is good for your health is an open question—you'll get a different take depending on whom you ask. How the government should go about dismantling the organization is still something of an open question.
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open question

An unresolved issue, one that has not been finally determined. For example, Whether the town should pave all the unpaved roads remains an open question. In the mid-1800s this term acquired a specific meaning in the British Parliament, that is, "an issue on which members may vote independently, without respect to their party affiliation."
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an open ˈquestion

(also open to ˈquestion) a matter that cannot be decided easily or that people hold several different views on: Whether private schools give children a better education is open to question.It’s an open question whether meat is bad for you.
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open question, an

An issue that has not been finally settled or determined. The adjective open has been so used since the early nineteenth century. The term acquired a specific meaning in the British Parliament: on open questions members may vote as they wish, independent of party. David Masson used it figuratively, as it often is today: “The summary decision of what had hitherto been an open question in the Church” (The Life of John Milton, 1859).
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