a nose for (something)

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a nose for (something)

An intuitive ability to detect or excel at something. I've always been able to learn languages easily. I guess I just have a nose for it. He's got a real nose for determining which way the stock markets are going to shift.
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nose for

A special ability to find or do something others would consider difficult. A good police officer has a nose for finding criminals.
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nose something (out) (onto something)

to drive or push something carefully out onto the surface of something, nose first. I nosed the car out onto the highway, looking both ways. She nosed out the car.
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a nose for something

COMMON If someone has a nose for something, they are naturally good at finding it or recognising it. Smith had taken over the company and although he knew little about music, he had a nose for talent. As a journalist, he never lost his nose for a good story.
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