a non sequitur

non sequitur

A statement that does not logically fit into the current conversation. Good luck getting answers from him—his every response to my questions so far has been a non sequitur. A: "I changed the oil in the car." B: "Well, that's a complete non sequitur, since I asked if you were hungry!"
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a ˌnon ˈsequitur

(from Latin, formal) a statement that does not seem to follow what has just been said in any natural or logical way: In the middle of a discussion about the weather, Liz started talking about fish. Everyone ignored the non sequitur completely.
The Latin phrase means ‘it does not follow’.
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In Nadine Epstein's "From the Editor" column (January/February 2015), she writes of Rabbi Barry FreundeFs arrest because of his "inappropriate behavior with conversion candidates." That she then goes on to say that this is what prompted the magazine to "Ask the Rabbis" the question, "How do you decide when a candidate is ready for conversion?" strikes me as a non sequitur. What we should be asking is why is a prominent rabbi able to use a mikvah as an excuse to exhibit these inappropriate and shameful behaviors?
1): There appears to be a non sequitur in the examples given.
"That's why I made the decision that I would personally try that case and ask for the strongest penalties available under our law--and that's the leadership you will see from reel' she said, adding as something of a non sequitur: "I'm going to roll up my sleeves, and I will read the bills."
The formulation of intelligent design is a default argument advanced in support of a non sequitur. It is in essence the following: There are some phenomena that have not yet been explained and that (and most importantly) the critics personally cannot imagine being explained: therefore there must be a supernatural designer at work.
I'm glad he has filled us in on the rest of it, but again, it's a non sequitur. The letter he is quoting is merely one alum's account; others had opposite experiences and conflicting memories.
But that's a non sequitur. In the days before general incorporation laws, corporate charters were a special privilege.
A common problem is the non sequitur, a Latin term meaning "it does not follow." A non sequitur is an inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premise, or a comment unrelated to the preceding one.
In other words, a non sequitur is the essence of illogic.
Non Sequitur" will be horizontal April 30 and vertical May 7, but that's not a non sequitur. The change is very much intentional.
And the idea that employment "of the affected workers" will not suffer because the affected wages are only a small part of costs is a non sequitur at best.
It is one thing to say that each species in an ecosystem plays a role (also obvious), but very dubious to conclude that "their interrelatedness is paramount to their survival." This is a non sequitur. If nothing could survive outside its native habitat, there would be no pigeons in Kansas, no honey bees in America, no horses in Wyoming, and no human beings outside of Africa.
To say, as Senator Joseph Biden did the day before Harkin's speech, that "a hands-off policy would be equally, if not more, likely to lead to war" is not a non sequitur so much as a means of having it both ways.