a night owl

night owl

A person who prefers to be awake late at night. In my younger days, I was quite a night owl and would often stay up until sunrise.
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a night owl

If you call someone a night owl, you mean that they regularly stay up late at night. Night owls can even order a 3am steak at the 24-hour Horizons Court Hotel. Joe is a night owl whereas I'm more of an early bird.
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a ˈnight owl

(informal) somebody who feels more lively at night and usually goes to bed very late: She’s a night owl and has always done her best work after midnight.
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To combat the negative effects that come with being a night owl, a team of researchers from the University of Birmingham and the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, conducted a study arguing that by making a few simple lifestyle adjustments, night owls could minimize their health risks.
They also wanted to see if these changes could reduce the ill effects that being a night owl can have on your health.
[USA], Dec 1 ( ANI ): If you are a night owl, then listen up!
If you are a night owl, your natural circadian rhythm is primed to make you feel more alive when the sun goes down.
"We were working doing gigs late into the night and so we both thought it would be good to paint Ozzy's Owl as a night owl."
The study's findings are based on the genomic data of the participants, who were then asked if they thought they were a night owl, a morning person or somewhere in the middle.
in "We were working doing gigs late into the night and so we both thought it would be good to paint Ozzy's Owl as a night owl. The idea was to incorporate the stars, the midnight sky and the silhouette of the Birmingham skyline together with Ozzy's hands and glasses.
In 1994, he published his autobiography: The Lives and Loves of a Night Owl.
There are going to be a lot of people who are worse off now Alan isn't there to keep them company at night - we want to bring that back." Koast Radio presenter Richy Bass met his wife Clairey through a Night Owls fans' party, and says the pair have got to know the broadcaster well over the last 15 years.