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Come, come, Cornelia, don't you think you're a mite unreasonable?
Indeed, my dear, I will,' replied Rosa, in a tone of affectionate childishness that went straight and true to her heart; 'I will be as good a friend as such a mite of a thing can be to such a noble creature as you.
No," answered Emma Jane after a long pause; "no, it don't; not a mite.
The Elisha Wrights are thankful to be rid of her, and I can't say I blame them a mite.
So, if a mite population in a newly established bee colony is low during the spring, it should remain that way for at least a season.
A mite and a virus are in cahoots in an attack on honeybee health.
hoesei, a mite that is known to occur in association with many species of host mussels throughout North America, has revealed a high degree of genetic differentiation.