a marriage made in heaven

marriage made in heaven

A very happy marriage or partnership. Cindy and Mark look so happy together. That's a marriage made in heaven. Merging our bakery with the ice cream parlor next door was a great idea—it's a marriage made in heaven.
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a marriage made in heaven

 and a match made in heaven
a happy or harmonious marriage or partnership. (See also .) The partnership of George and Ira Gershwin was a match made in heaven; they wrote such beautiful songs.
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a ˌmarriage/ˌmatch made in ˈheaven

a combination of two people or things which seems perfect: When she married Dave, everyone thought that theirs was a match made in heaven.A merger between the two leading mobile phone networks would appear to be a marriage made in heaven, but will consumers lose out?
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marriage made in heaven, a

A match decreed by destiny; a very successful pairing. Already a well-known adage by the mid-sixteenth century, this term was quoted many times over and appeared in numerous proverb collections. It was often used sarcastically but was largely confined to actual matrimony until the twentieth century, when it began to be applied to other kinds of match— as, for example, a merger of two business corporations.
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GRIFF Rhys Jones says his comedy partnership with the late Mel Smith was "not exactly a marriage made in heaven".
Summary: It might not be a marriage made in heaven after all if she's the sort who loves partying into the night while he prefers to stay at home and end his day with a book.
"That's how he wants to play his football, that's how Swansea played last year under Brendan Rodgers, so if it happens I think it's a marriage made in heaven. They've put a squad together capable of playing exactly like they want to play."
This production lacks the magical set of that production, but its singing, acting, humour and warmth make it a marriage made in heaven.
DuRocher wisely hedges on the question of Milton's belief in astrology (chap.4, "A Marriage Made in Heaven: Natural Astrology in Manilius and Milton"), but overstates the case for an ecologically-sensitive Milton in chapter 5, "The Wounded Earth in Paradise Lost." Finally, DuRocher, in his concluding chapter, "Regenerating Rome: Milton on Learning and Wisdom Once More," addresses the perennial question posed in the fourth book of Paradise Regained: "Does the Son's denunciation of Rome [or Greece] imply a devaluation of Roman [or Greek] literature?" (254).
In this little book, Baselitz's total immersion in Hill's obsessive art, tormented spirit, and imaginary companion produces a marriage made in heaven, or is it hell?