a man of the world

man of the world

A man who is very experienced and sophisticated. I value Robert's advice because he's a man of the world and can provide good insight into the customs of high society.
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a man of the world


a woman of the world

If you call someone a man of the world or a woman of the world, you mean that they have had a lot of experiences and are not easily shocked. Look, we are both men of the world, would anyone really mind? She was an elegant, clever and tough woman of the world.
See also: man, of, world

a man (or woman) of the world

a person who is experienced and practical in human affairs.
See also: man, of, world

a man/woman of the ˈworld

a person with a lot of experience of life, who is not easily surprised or shocked
See also: man, of, woman, world
References in classic literature ?
I thought I was tolerably accomplished as a man of the world,' he continued, 'I flattered myself that I was pretty well versed in all those little arts and graces which distinguish men of the world from boors and peasants, and separate their character from those intensely vulgar sentiments which are called the national character.
I don't dictate, but I think a man of the world would do as I do; and I may add, I fancy that is what K- would look for at our hands.
On meeting Anna Karenina, as he was Alexey Alexandrovitch's enemy in the government, he tried, like a shrewd man and a man of the world, to be particularly cordial with her, the wife of his enemy.
He waved his hands like a man of the world, who dismisses religion and philosophy, and says "Fudge.
Indeed, with all his dignity of a man of the world, Prince Saradine radiated to such sensitive observers as the priest, a certain atmosphere of the restless and even the unreliable.
You're a man of the world, and I'm a man of the world.