a man of straw

man of straw

A weak person. "A straw man" is sometimes used as a variant. She thought he was strong and honest, but he turned out to be nothing more than a man of straw.
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a man of straw


a straw man

A man of straw is a man whose character is weak and who lacks definite beliefs. The party is run by men of straw without guts and without principles. Note: In journalism, people also talk about straw men. This form of the expression is used in both British and American English. These are the responses of straw men with straw policies.
See also: man, of, straw
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a ˌman of ˈstraw

a weak or cowardly person: You don’t need to be frightened of him — he’s a man of straw.
This idiom compares a person to a model of a man filled with straw (= stems of grain plants such as wheat, etc. that have been cut and dried).
See also: man, of, straw
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