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look in

1. verb Literally, to peer, glance, or gaze in(to something). I looked in the cabinets, but I couldn't find anything to eat. We looked in, but the house was empty.
2. verb To check on a person or thing by visiting or looking from a short distance. Since I'm going to be working late tonight, can you look in on my cat and see if she has enough food in her bowl? She mostly works from home, but the boss likes to look in every so often to make sure the office is staying on top of their projects.
3. noun An opportunity to do or attempt something. Typically used after "get" in negative constructions. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. My brother kept hogging the new video game all, so I didn't even get a look in. The rest of us didn't get a look in during the presentation because Chris just talked the whole time.
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1. A brief visit. Allie didn't stay long, it was just a look-in.
2. A quick glance. I only got a look-in before they closed the curtains, so I couldn't see much of what was going on inside.
3. In football, a pass to a receiver running diagonally toward the middle of the field. Primarily heard in US. This is the route I want you to run, and then Jeff will throw you a look-in, got it?
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look in (on someone or something)

 and check in (on someone or something)
to see to the welfare of someone or something; to check briefly on someone or something. I'll stop by your house and look in on things while you're on vacation. Yes, just look in and make sure nothing is wrong.
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