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Frustrated by Burnley's answers, he added: "Don't come here and give us a load of baloney. You can't come in here and give us nursery rhymes."
The answer is that one person can't, isn't supposed to, that's not what marriage is about -- the whole "happily ever after" is, in most cases, a load of baloney.
Jelly is a great heroine; she's determined, bright and can see through a load of baloney when she's presented with it.
I also think that if the department was made to stand all day they might just get enough sense to realise this is a load of baloney. Making young people stand for up to 6 hours should not be allowed especially if it is a risk of causing illness.
But Michael D Higgins branded that a load of baloney.
What a load of baloney. Unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with."
"What a load of baloney - as if anyone would do that," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.
At the risk of offending any Russell Grant types who may be reading this, astrology's a load of baloney isn't it?
Anywhere else magistrates will have the intelligence to recognise that the Collymore defence was a load of baloney and will impose a penalty to match the severity of the offence.
It suggested to me that in these dicult economic times David Cameron's idea that we are "all in this together" is just a load of baloney which takes little account of human nature.
But didn't I tell you that the purportedly Biblical-scale swine flu pandemic that was supposed to virtually wipe us out was a load of baloney? Well I did, back in January.
Or, as the Yanks might say, a load of baloney. What's today's date again?
At the time, she said: "What a load of baloney - as if anyone would do that."
What a load of baloney. That's why he and Blair refused to bail out Swan Hunter.
In my view, inflation figures are just a load of baloney. The figures we should all be worrying about are food prices.