a leg up

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leg up

1. Literally, a boost from another person that enables one to reach something that one could not reach on one's own. Give me a leg up so I can reach the dishes on the top shelf.
2. An advantage in a situation or over another person. Getting certifications will definitely give you a leg up in the IT industry. I knew I had a leg up on my opponent when I saw that he was struggling to counter my opening moves.
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*leg up

Fig. a kind of help where someone provides a knee or crossed hand as a support for someone to place a foot on to get higher, as in mounting a horse or climbing over something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I gave her a leg up, and soon she was on her horse. Can I give you a leg up? Could I please have a leg up?
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a leg up

1. The act or an instance of assisting; a boost.
2. A position of advantage; an edge: We have a leg up on the competition.
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