a lease of life

a new lease of life

1. An occasion or opportunity for a renewed enjoyment in, enthusiasm for, or appreciation of one's life. Primarily heard in UK. After finding out that the tests came back negative for cancer, I feel as though I've been given a new lease of life! Mary's gotten a new lease of life ever since her daughter was born.
2. An extension or increase in the time in which something or someone can be useful or successful. Primarily heard in UK. Our company was given a new lease of life when we partnered with the global corporation. John's film got a new lease of life when his wealthy grandfather agreed to fund the rest of the production.
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a (ˌnew) lease of ˈlife

(British English) (American English a (ˌnew) lease on ˈlife) a chance for somebody/something to live/last longer; a chance to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of life: The successful heart operation gave him a new lease of life.The outside of the city hall has just been thoroughly cleaned and it’s given the old place a new lease on life.
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